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Friday / 8:45 pm

The young musician has been making a name for himself beyond Swiss music circles ever since the release of his debut album “Sei ein Faber im Wind”.

In his lyrics, Faber doesn’t mince matters in the slightest. Sometimes the spotlight is firmly on the political grievances of our age, and at other times he uses his exaggerated irony to walk on the knife edge of political correctness: “That’s art,” he claimed in an interview with the German newspaper Badische Zeitung last year (15 July 2017).

After supporting Sophie Hunger three years ago, Faber and his band are now a major attraction at some of the biggest venues in the world of German-language music; touring continuously, almost without a break – giving 150 concerts in 2016 alone. Faber might only be 25 years old but his vocal talent and lyrics give a totally different impression. We are particularly delighted to welcome him and his band to Open Air Basel!